Orchestra Chair adjustable height

710 1212

Chairs are stackable using a stacking rack.

Frame of tubular steel, diameter 18 x 2 mm, black or chrome.

Seat and backrest of laminated beech veneer come in natural or stained, finished with clear DD lacquer. In the upholstered seat version, ventilation holes are standard. Rubber fiber material for better comfort, foam at a nominal charge.

Backrest is black plastic. Position-tilting seat possible.

Seat height: approx. 500 mm, (custom seat heights can be constructed upon request) seat width: 450 mm, seat depth: 400 mm, overall height: 830 mm, weight: 6.5 kg.

Max. stack: 6 chairs.

Information regarding modells

710 1202 + 710 1212

In addition to the well-tried version, models 7101202 and 7101212 are now additionally available as the new WHISPER- VERSION. By changing the mechanics in the area of the back frame, the noises during seating could be further minimised. In this new version, the handwheel for vertical adjustment as well as the shape of the back frame are altered. The seating comfort remained unchanged.

Important: Both versions are not stackable with each other. Please add “whisperversion“ to the model number if desired.